1Z Einszett Blitz Klima AC Cleaner 8.5oz


1Z Einszett Blitz Klima AC Cleaner 8.5oz

  • Eliminates odors from the air conditioning system
  • Thoroughly cleans the evaporator core for more efficient cooling
  • Results last for months
  • Same product used by professionals

Klima-Cleaner is a professional air conditioner cleaner that effectively removes odors caused by contaminants inside the HVAC system of your vehicle. While other products mask odors, Klima Cleaner's special cleaning solution removes odor causing agents from the air conditioner system for fresh and clean air that lasts for months. For best results, apply every 3-6 months. Klima-Cleaner is water-based and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

NOTE: Read instructions before using!

New formula DOES NOT foam. This does not make it defective or ineffective. The new concentrated formula is now the same formula we provide to dealerships in bulk which does not foam. It does not require the same dwell time as the foam based formula. However, if you do not apply the product per instructions, it WILL NOT work. DO NOT apply through the vents.

CAUTION: Recommended for professional application only. On certain vehicle makes, damage may occur if product is not applied properly. If uncertain about application, have a certified mechanic apply product.

Klima-Cleaner is laboratory tested by Thor Laboratories of Germany. 

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