TACSYSTEM Arcane Clay Lube 500ml

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TACSYSTEM Arcane Clay Lube 500ml


TACSYSTEM Arcane Lube - Clean, easy to work with clay lube.

This is not a simple clay lube, believe it or not, the Arcane Lube has Siloxanes as an active ingredient. TACSYSTEM innovated the first SiO2 coating ever a few decades back, they’re masters of Si chemistry, the reason for organic Si oils in the mixture is it evaporates slower, reduces friction, and decreases the lube’s freezing point, perfect when using it in colder climates where most clay lubes will frost up, crystallizes and can scratch the paint.

We often get asked “can’t I just use soapy water instead?”

Yes, but here are the advantages of a proper clay lube vs soapy water. If you’ve used soapy water as lube before, you’ll know it’s very sudsy and streaky, and it masks the potential marring the claybar is leaving. Clay away with soapy water will end up with damages that can be avoided in the first place.

Now, whereas a clay lube is clean, non streaky and transparent, where you can catch marring before it becomes too severe. Because as we all know, clay bars in the professional world is often treated as an abrasion, the culprit is not only the clay itself, but also the grit it carries. Though very fine and minor, clay bar will leave its trails. Also see TACSYSTEM Paintwork Cleaner - Clay Bar replacement.

More question? We do host free weekend Seminars where we take a deep dive into it all, please see: www.carzilla.ca/events/

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