TACSYSTEM Ceramic Coat Sealant 500ml

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TACSYSTEM Ceramic Coat Sealant 500ml


TACSYSTEM Ceramic Coat Sealant - Polymer sealant that rivals ceramic coatings.

An easy to use polymer sealant with ceramic like gloss and performance.

The “Ceramic Coat” is not a true ceramic coating, it’s merely a name. This is a paint sealant. But don’t let the "paint sealant” name fool you, with 2 coats of the Ceramic Coat, it’s almost a full year of durability. TACSYSTEM’s hundreds of automotive refinishing patents does not only include coating based products, this is also one of them.

Ceramic Coat is for folks who wants an easy to apply but ultra durable sealant without dipping into the ceramics world. Simply apply, let haze for 10~15min, then buff off like a wax. It produces a deep rich luster unlike other sealants, with extremely hydrophobic properties.

We’re a big fans of double coating everything, including sealants, as it makes a BIG difference. The 2nd coat goes on after 12-24 hours.

More question? We do host free weekend Seminars where we take a deep dive into it all, please see: www.carzilla.ca/events/

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