TACSYSTEM Crystal Window 1000ml

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TACSYSTEM Crystal Window 1000ml


TACSYSTEM Crystal Window - strong, streakless window cleaner.

Ammonia free, safe on tints.

A potent window cleaner absence of ammonia and alcohol. An anti static, streak free cleaning agent made to remove film, dirt, grease, fingerprints off glass, plastics, and plexiglass.

Since it’s not an alcohol based cleaner, you can let the product saturate on the surface without it evaporating too fast. The reason for streaky windows majority of the time is not from the product itself, it’s the towel’s getting too saturated with products and grime. General rule of thumb is, you’ll need at least 2 to 3 16x16” lintless glass towels per windshield, and wear gloves, as the oils from your hands can get transferred back onto the window.

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