TACSYSTEM Metal Polish + Sealant 150ml

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TACSYSTEM Metal Polish + Sealant 150ml


TACSYSTEM Metal Polish - Polish and seal in a single step.

Safe on stainless steel, bronze, copper, silver, chrome, aluminum, etc.

If you haven’t read about how cutting compounds work yet, please see here.

All of TAC’s polishes are waterbased including their Metal Polish. It still utilizes aluminium oxide as its base abrasion, however since metals are generally harder than paint, to offset this, a different octagonal shaped abrasion was used, because the shape is stronger, and less chances of it fragmenting under pressure.

However this time TAC prioritize on “chemical cut” instead of abrasion cut, as stronger solvents are required to dissolve oxidation off metals. This’ why Metal Polish will feel oilier, because all its solvent chemistry is completely different from that paint’s.

After polishing, TAC’s Metal Polish will also seal the surface, creating a slick hydrophobic finish, preventing the surface from oxidizing.

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