TACSYSTEM Oil Zero 4000ml

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TACSYSTEM Oil Zero 4000ml


TACSYSTEM Oil Zero - Pre-coating prep. Post polishing panel inspection spray.

A mandatory step prior to applying any coatings. Oil Zero removes old waxes, sealants, polishing oils, finger prints etc., to ensure the surface is 100% clear of other polymers or contaminates that may affect coating adhesion.

The Oil Zero is not a simple isopropanol mixture, it has been enhanced with additives to slow down the fast evaporating nature of isopropanol alcohol.

There’s a misconception that Oil Zero is only used prior to coatings, but the idea is this: the cleaner the slate, the better anything will bond, let it be glazes, waxes, or sealants. Oil Zero should be a mandatory step in even applying the simplest of waxes.

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