TACSYSTEM One Step Master 25% SiO2 Sealant 150ml


TACSYSTEM One Step Master 25% SiO2 Sealant 150ml


TACSYSTEM One Step Master - A Silica / Polymer Blend Sealant

Ceramic coating sounds a little intimidating or just simply don’t have the time to go through all the processes? The One Step Master is for you. It contains ~25% SiO2. Don’t confused this with the Moon Light’s 25%, the One Step Master is a water based non-hardening Silica based coating. Simply put this is a far more concentrated version of the Quartz Max detailing spray. This is a fantastic topper on both the Quartz Shine 70% and the UHS Ultra 90%.

Though the One Step Master (OSM) does not harden, it provides a slicker finishing than base coatings themselves. The role of a coating is to resist abrasion, though slick as is, but not as slick as the OSM due to the lack of additional polymers. Every TAC’s products are chemically engineered for a specific use, with specific attributes. The OSM is made as easy to use, though not as durable as true ceramic coatings, but it has more additives to fine tune the product to be slicker, thus fantastic as a topper on your coatings. It will also produce a noticeable darkening effect on faded trim finishes.

The OSM can also be found kitted with Quartz Shine and UHS in the Quartz Master and UHS Master kits.


Simply apply onto surface, let haze slightly and buff off. Strongly recommended applying out of direct sun and to cool surfaces. The OSM can also be applied when the vehicle’s wet, but in exchange of diluting the product.

For professional use: IR lamp at 65C at 10min.

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