TACSYSTEM Quartz Max Ceramic Spray 1000ml

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QUARTZ MAX 1000.jpg

TACSYSTEM Quartz Max Ceramic Spray 1000ml


TACSYSTEM Quartz Max Silica based detailing/maintainer spray

Works on literally everything: paint, vinyl, wraps, plastics, windows, trims, wheels, metals, chrome, powder coat, gel coat, fiber glass, boats, RV’s etc.

What exactly is the Quartz Max, is it a ceramic coating? Yes and no, it’s a diluted down version of SiO2, where the dilution is enough for it not to harden, but will still leave a very durable protection. Great for maintaining ceramic coatings.

If you’re looking for a super charged version of Quartz Max, look into the TACSYSTEM Moon Light. It’s a 25% SiO2 sprayable coating, concentration is enough for it to harden, great for first time coaters also.

Quartz Max is not layerable, only coatings that harden are layerable.

Both Quartz Max and Moon Light can be used as toppers, similar to "top coats” you often see in multi coat regiments. See: TACSYSTEM UHS Ultra Moon or Quartz Super Moon. These are kits with top coats like the One Step Master or Moon Light.

Quartz Max SiO2 spray can also be used as a drying aid, can even be diluted down to 1:3 for that final touch up before shows.

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