TACSYSTEM Shinee Wax Spray Detailer 500ml

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TACSYSTEM Shinee Wax Spray Detailer 500ml


TACSYSTEM Shinee Wax Spray Detailer - High gloss, super slick, easy to use spray and go detailer.

Everyone needs a quick detailer in their arsenals, the Shinee Wax is TAC’s attempt to challenge other quick detailers in the market. Infused with paraffin wax and yes, also SiO2, into an easy to use dummy proof formula. Simply spray and wipe. Also works under the scourging sun. Infused with UV rejecting properties.

So how does something block UV rays? UV rays or radiations will knock electrons off their orbits, causing the molecule itself to distort, thus oxidation. With the Shinee Wax, it actually layers down a thin physical layer of paraffin and siloxane, that repels radiation and acts as a sacrificial barrier for radiations to distort.

More question? We do host free weekend Seminars where we take a deep dive into it all, please see: www.carzilla.ca/events/

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