TACSYSTEM Tire Coat 500ml (Satin Finish)

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TACSYSTEM Tire Coat 500ml (Satin Finish)


TACSYSTEM Tire Coat - Durable water repellent rubber coating with a non oily finish.

At 30% Siloxanes, finally you’re treated to a durable and hydrophobic finish. The Tire Coat produces a dark, deep satin finish, just like how a brand new tire should be.

General instructions:

The idea is this, the cleaner the surface, the better anything will bond. This is especially the case for tire coatings/dressings. The sponge that you apply the Tire Coat with should not turn black and grimy, it should stay completely clean with only product residues.

Apply a thick coat of Tire Coat onto surface and let it saturate and sit for 5-15 minutes, this will ensure the Tire Coat itself gets absorbed into the tire. Then buff off residue. Letting the product sit is not limited only to TACSYSTEM’s Tire Coat, this applies to most tire dressings, as it greatly increases durability.

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