TACSYSTEM Total One Essential SiO2 Finishing Polish/Coating Primer 250ml


TACSYSTEM Total One Essential SiO2 Finishing Polish/Coating Primer 250ml


TACSYSTEM Total One Essential - Light abrasion polish infused with SiO2.

Can be used as an All in One polish or coating primer. If used as coating primer, 6~12 hr cure time is required.

If you’ve already read about the descriptions on TAC’s coatings, you’ll know we like to focus on adhesion properties. How is anyone going to stick anything hard onto a surface if it won’t adhere properly? A polishing pad only works when the glue is strong enough to hold the foam and velcro together during polishing.

This is where the Total One Essential (TOE) comes in. It’s a resin heavy SiO2 pre-polish with primary attributes in light correction, protection, but most importantly it acts as a chemical panel for ceramic coatings to adhere to. Remember how we’ve touched base on why the UHS Ultra 90% is only meant for paint/vinyl and not high temperature surfaces like brake calipers and exhausts, where as the 60% Magic Plus is more suitable?

The UHS Ultra will have a higher concentration of quartz vs the Magic Plus 60%, at 30~35% more to be precise, but at a reduced additive in bonding agents, thus the UHS Ultra is only made for painted surfaces, or surfaces under 400C, unlike the Magic Plus 60% at 800C, even for exhausts and brake calipers. It doesn’t really mean the UHS 90% is unable to sustain more than 400C, the quartz itself can actually sustain up to 1,200C but it’s the adhesive resins that’ll lose its properties first, this is understandable since the UHS has lower resin to quartz ratio.

The TOE needs time to cure, therefore you should give it 6-12 hours before applying any coatings. The process can be accelerated with the heat the polisher generates during polishing and ambient temperature/humidity.

There’s now a film of resins on your paint, not only the TACSYSTEM coatings need to be adhesive, it also needs to be cohesive. Cohesion is the property of molecules attracting to another molecule of the same kind or that can form a strong bond, like the merging of two water droplets and its ability to form strong hydrogen bonds.

Above are some reasons why certain coatings are $150 while some are only $50. There are tons of engineering efforts that went into these high end chemicals, and the TOE is only one of TACSYSTEM’s hundreds of patented formulations.

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