TACSYSTEM Ultra Foam 4000ml

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ultra foam-4l (2).jpg

TACSYSTEM Ultra Foam 4000ml


TACSYSTEM Ultra Foam - Thick heavy foam specifically formulated for foam guns.

This is an ultra thick, snowy car wash shampoo, specifically designed to work with a foam cannon. The formula has been tuned for maximum amount of suds and bubble duration, with a good balance in slickness and cleaning power. Safe on coatings and waxes.

A good foam soap also requires a good pressure washer, as the pressure and water volume also dictate the amount of foam dispensed.

Here’s a common misconception on the use of foam cannons: folks sometime thinks that by foaming the vehicle and rinsing can result a touchless, scratch-less wash, but what you’ll notice is that there’ll always be a light film on the paint, it never gets clean, so what’s the purpose of using a foam cannon? The reason for using a foam cannon is it adds an additional layer of soap and lubricity when you’re doing your 2-bucket wash, it makes the washing regiment safer, not faster. The real cleaning comes from your washmitt contacting the paint.

This is true to ceramic coatings also, yes it’s much easier to clean, but eventually as the days go by, the “film” will build and be present again. Why isn’t my ceramic coating beading anymore? That’s because the hydrophobic effects has been masked by the light film of dirt, once it’s washed off with a mitt, the hydrophobics will return again.

General directions:

Dilute 1:5 ~ 1:10.

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